Top 10 Afro-fusion attire you should try this summer

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Africa is as rich in fashion as its culture. There’s been a radical change to what the global perception of a typical African look even is. The African fashion image has gotten notably more classy and that’s for sure. As time has gone on, in large partly driven by the rise of new Africans style icons.

One of the most interesting aspects of African fashion is our sophisticated and attractive fabric use. Administered in myriads of amazing styles. Courtesy of the diversity of our culture, several attires have managed to stay trendy and relevant. They have stood through decades and sometimes centuries. The rich use of timeless design techniques of embroidery, patching, and other forms of stitching give attire vibrancy and uniqueness.. Let’s not forget that our African men have never failed to represent so well. They shine like a diamond garbed in any given African look. Here are top 10 Afro-fusion attire you should try this summer:


Dashikis are similar to Kufi, a rimless, circular shirt traditionally worn by men in North, East, West Africa, and some parts of South Asia. The official and unofficial versions of Dashiki range from simple ruffles to tailored suits. A popular form is a loose pullover, with ornate V-necks, tailored necklines and sleeves. Accompanied with plain embroidered hems, necklines, or gauze prints stretching all over the shirt.

The first traditional dashiki was worn with sokoto (drawstring pants) in a matching color and kufi. This style, also known as the dashiki suit, is worn mostly at weddings. Today, innovative dashiki models are also designed as a modern suit. They are identified with strong, sharp lines but no less disruptive and unique. This style of wearing can be sighted on any fashionable male in special and formal events.

Brocade Suits

Specifically, the floral brocade trendy party blazer and tuxedo, made of exclusive fabrics, pure jacquard silk and luxury brocades. These super fashion suits descended from the Turkish gentlemen fashion of the 18th century. The vintage look can be double breasted suits accompanied with details like embroideries, skull, dragons, chain and studs. Other accessories can be added to make an amazing personal look without being extravagant.


Agbada has been a frontier for the male fashion scene in Africa, especially in Nigeria. The traditional Western outfit has been a main staple at every Nigerian event. A nicely tailored agbada easily exudes confidence and wealth in every man. It’s almost like you can hear the splash of money as a man strokes the sleeves of his agbada. Agbada is also considered a red flag for serial heart-breakers known as the yoruba demons – You didn’t hear that from me o!

V-neckline Agbada Suits

Agbada attire looks great when it is rocked with matching accessories such as hat/cap, beads and others. Agbada can have a wide neck, V-neck or round neck. Many designers have gone to the extent of carving out a short-sleeved V-neck Agbada style which may look too comfy but amazingly classy in a complex way.

Short-sleeve Senator 

Of course, whichever one you want to go for, you will never regret rocking any type of senator wear. Men have recently modified senator and sewn into a more detailed pattern that suits virtually every occasion. The most common type is the short-sleeved senator trend that is not only catchy but flexible for any event.

Grand Bou Bou (Aso-oke)

The Grand Bou Bou have similar cuts as Agbada, however, differences can be found in the choice of fabrics. The Bou Bou is made from a special thick native material called the Aso-oke. Commonly found worn by grooms in weddings, this style is fast becoming a regular fashion for those worthy of recognition

Furthermore, Men’s jalamias can come in different styles. There are the plain styles, and for a little more flamboyance, the jalamias with embroidery are the perfect style. Jalamia was formally popularly worn by Muslim for their religious activities. Today, both Muslims and non Muslims are greatly leaning towards this eye-catching ensemble.


The kaftan are long loose native garment that flows down the knees or an ankle-length garment with long sleeves. When referring to the latest fashion style for men, you can never skip kaftans out of the list. Kaftans have definitive styles that appeal to the younger generation of men. Colour choices, variety of styles and versatility to any occasion has made the kaftan a trendy style amongst African men.  Talk of a fast-rising Afro-fusion attire you should try this summer

Long-sleeved Waistcoat

Thanks to Denola Grey, who recently won the best dressed at the AMVCA awards. The long-sleeved waistcoat garb is set to become a major hype in the men’s fashion world. Denola’s ensemble was carved from a special material. With this, we trust our smart Nigerian tailors to begin a wave of different styles from this event. Just get your cameras and oohs and ahhs ready, our boys will be ready for the assignment.

Ankara Overalls

Again, our Nigerian men have proven they could take a trend of the women sphere to create something even better. It’s not make-up or heels, it’s the Jumpsuit! In the male fashion world this is called overalls commonly made out of quality Ankara fabrics. The most common style is the Ankara romper. Most intricately, this style is seen with front zipper that is elasticated at the back. This front zipper is accompanied with 2 side pockets. The loose fit on the male’s body makes it very comfortable to wear, without losing the element of classy and sexy. This is a signature look for celebrity realtor, Wale Lawal!

Guys, which of these styles are rocking this year? Do you desire a tailor creative enough to do justice to any of these styles? For a customized make of any style you want made, visit fitted custom order site. Why not log on to our website, let’s find you a tailor with magic fingers. Hurry now, trends don’t wait! You can pick out from the Afro-fusion attire you should try this summer as listed.

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