Keeping up with the rain as a fresh guy

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Wet seasons are always accompanied by dreary moments and sloppy days. Like most of us, you might find yourself in embarrassing situations from being soaked by rain. Regardless, rainy days will always come and rather than dwell on the challenges, we’ve done what any loving fashion partner would do by highlighting tips on how to prevent the weather raining on your parade this season. Looking for how to try keeping up with the rain as a fresh guy, read below:

Pick water resistant materials

No one likes feeling damp. Dampness on the chest can be particularly awkward (plus sweat patches from running to get out of the rain). A nice sweater made out of cashmere, polyester and waxed cotton is a solid option to go with at the peak of the rainy season. These materials will help retain heat in the torso area whilst protecting against possible drenching from serious rainfall. This July alone has felt like the sky is listening to Last Last (My eye o…). Although these materials may seem comfy at the top, NEVER wear them as a bottom, it could cause discomfort in some…. sensitive areas of your body.

Avoid bright coloured outfits

Let’s say you can’t afford water-proof materials. The next resort would be to avoid bright coloured outfits. Don’t wear light colours on the spectrum of white, if you don’t want to get a puddle makeover from the rain. You do not want to be caught off guard even after deciding to spend your time moving around in a car. You will definitely need to go out and guess what’s outside? The rain and its sidekick puddles. That’s how to keep keeping up with the rain as a fresh guy.

A foldable umbrella

Getting a foldable umbrella at times throughout the rainy season is also a sharp guy move. These umbrellas are easy to use and portable enough to move about with no discomfort. Squeeze a foldable umbrella into your satchel, backpack or deep pocket to keep your confident stride uninterrupted even when the sky is brewing. You get yourself covered, and your style intact.

Dwell on your staples

It’s time to pay attention to the regular staples – chinos and jeans. Remember water-proof materials are not good for down there, right? Well jeans are the best option to protect your style and retain warmth on a rainy day. With dark-hued staples, you can never go wrong. Plus if you happened to sit on something wet you won’t have an awkward patch to explain.

Invest in stockings

Wear stockings as much as possible to guard against the cold. Don’t wear them on sandals or flops – that’s too basic. Ensure shoes worn with stockings are without holes or you might turn your into a fungus-breeding arena. An ankle-length pair of socks fits perfectly in rainy situations along with longer length trousers. The shorter the length, the less likely for stockings to get wet and the safer your feet.

Befriend Durags

When you’re commuting and you don’t want rain or the wind to tousle your hair, wear a durag to protect your hairstyle. You can also wear a durag as a cover-up when the worst has been done to hair by the rain.

No matter what you’re wearing in the rain, you should always keep a sunny attitude. Sure, these tips will help you stay fresh, but sometimes you’re gonna end up wetter than you’d like. Truth is, appearing attractive is as much about what’s going on inside you as what you wear. So long as you manage to smile and be happy you’re more likely to radiate freshness no matter how dismal the surroundings. 

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