Top 10 must-have basics in 2022

Wide Leg

With so many brands releasing new styles virtually every quarter, fashion lovers can be overwhelmed with making the right choices on clothing items this summer. From the popular sunglasses, shorts and “flowy” shirts, the summer is the weather with the highest peak for the trendiest shirt. The wahala is not in picking the right style, it is in ensuring the “right style” doesn’t fade as the summer goes – that’s not good for money already spent. To get a low-down on the best summer staples to invest in, we tapped into regular fashion lovers in a short observatory online survey. From the results of our short research, here are top 10 must-have basics in 2022 every man should own in his closet to create his very own personal capsule collection:

Dress Shirts

The workplace era is fast becoming permissive of the corporate casual look. However, the professionalism in the workplace still presides in the minds of most people. When you don’t feel too corporate enough, an old fashioned and properly pressed dress shirt can save your life and confidence.

Vintage Shirts

The comeback of the vintage shirts in the early 2000s has shown that you adapt and be inspired by an old style without looking dated! The vintage is so fluid that you can rock them on a simple spectrum with a hoodie, sweatpants, and some trainers, a pair of shorts with flip-flops or wear them like a dress shirt to work! The possibilities are endless.


Since its introduction in the 80s, denim has been saving lives. The most trending men’s jeans are slim, tapered and straight fits, with just enough stretch to keep you comfortable. But that doesn’t mean jeans have to be boring. From work wear styles to unique colors, designers are still tweaking this nearly-150-year-old garment.

Cargo Pants

The cargo pant is a military-inspired attire that has had such a major impact on the modern fashion scene. Unlike jeans, cargo pants are specifically best for a casual look in this time and era. These comfortable bottoms are great for a nice hike, an errand, house party or a great neighborhood date with bae – Just get it right at the top and you are good, homie!

Flannel Shirts

Softer than your duvet, more forgiving than your cashmere, with just enough structure to make you look like a respectable person: There’s a reason the flannel shirts never leave the fashion conversation all season. These babies can blend into any style and additions whatsoever so long as you get the right colours.

Graphic T-shirts

A plain t-shirt is a blank canvas for you to style, but a graphic tee can truly elevate any outfit. It is also a great way to send a message on your views, your passion and even the whole personality to the world. Do you love anime? Eren Yeager on your T-shirt can tell that without a word.

Sneakers and Creepers

Of course, your footwears are as important as your top and bottoms and we won’t exclude that part for anything. 

Transcending styles and sexes to adorn the feet of rockabillies, vintage fans, punks, scene-kids and musicians alike; Creeper shoes are truly a unique shoe. 

Let’s not forget the sneakers that have managed to be a staple particularly in the yard of techies. Just a thought: Have you seen the latest versace sneakers? They are crazy genius!


Most of us have made the mistake of acknowledging joggers as just regular sweatpants to cosy up on your couch at home or take a stroll in the hood. No! Joggers are more than that. A good pair of  joggers will get you from the gym and to brunch and back again. Depending on the style joggers are great for everyone and its casualness can even be hidden in a workplace environment.

Wide-legged Pants

Wide legs are increasingly giving skinny jeans a run for their money. In the current post-pandemic era, the average classy guy’s wardrobe is not so great without a pair of wide-legged pants. Many African celebrities from Giant of Africa, Burna Boy, Big Wiz and Buga crooner, Kizz Daniel has been killing it with this comfy pants on the red carpet.

Polo T-shirt 

The Polo shirt used to serve as a staple for players on the Tennis court, however, dating back from the beginning of the 2000s the polo has been seen in an increase in the buzz of trendy T-shirts for men – it shows they are definitely here to stay. They fit in every cult’s style statement and men’s wardrobe to elevate their look and make it more presentable. 

Now that we have given you a lineup of the top basics to get this summer, feel free to visit our store website on to get whatever items you might be absent in your wardrobe. Think we missed something? Send a DM on our socials or simply fill this form #link#. We will definitely table your request accordingly

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