How to start dressing to suit your personality

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Everyone desires to be recognized for something different. We want to be identified for the things we do, we like and at most, our personality. Fashion is one of the best ways to show our uniqueness to the world. The saying that goes, “you are dressed the way you want to be addressed” clearly indicates that clothes communicate who you are, your feelings at a present moment, your worldviews even sometimes your aspirations and goals. It is very important that you learn the basic principles of personality dressing. You might think “Why is personality dressing so relevant?” “why should you start dressing to suit your personality”. When you wear clothes by your personality, this practice helps you develop self-confidence and a sense of comfort and satisfaction within yourself. It is a great way to craft an image of yourself the way you want it. Brace yourself and journey with me through the highlights below:

Know yourself first

Personality dressing implies dressing for self. This further means start dressing to suit your personality to have a great deal of self-awareness. Inquire into your tastes, preferences, goals, aspirations, tendencies and history. Do you have an inclination to funky splash? Then a little old vintage top and hat will just kill it for you. Understanding self keeps the consistency in your style choices and avoids miscommunication with your audience.

Research clothe origin and types

Another area that is as crucial as self-awareness is the knowledge of clothes. Gather information of categories of fabrics, the best times to wear some items during a season or weather, clothing demands of some occasion. You should also go as far as understanding the historical origin of some items. This should help you determine whether to regenerate or infuse an element of the old times.

Gain inspiration

Find a celebrity whose personality and lifestyle you can identify with. Observe the clothing choices and combinations he makes and try to incorporate them in your wardrobe. Do not try to completely imitate your preferred celebrity, nothing else sounds so basic. 

Remove or alter deviating clothes

Having done your research, look through your current wardrobe and begin to discard items that don’t match your identity. However, retain items that show promise if they can be altered well enough. If you haven’t worn certain clothing in a long it may mean it is just not for you. No matter how great a piece is, it may simply not suit your personality. So give it out. 

Do your own shopping

Nobody should know your style better than you do except if you want a celebrity image recreation. Also when you do your own shopping, you get to choose your style based on your inner instinct rather than being influenced by friends or a personal shopper. You need that independence to explore the desires of your person. 

Be Dynamic 

Do not be rigid on your rules. Accommodate new and old trends of styles without breaking the consistency. You can have a particular item recurring on almost every fashion style – sunglasses, piercings, tats, boots, cuts etc.

Whilst choosing a style that fits your personality please remember that it is okay to have a mix of many personalities. You can use various means to communicate the variety of individuals you can portray; what is most important is that you feel confident and comfortable, no matter the circumstance. C’mon! Let’s get the world to see you today!

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