Ordering experience made easy – Tailor

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The team had a lovely chat with one of our tailors,  Sikiru Abaja, who expressed the depth of impact Fitted.ng has made on his business. Sikiru stated that since he registered on the platform he has found it easy to access customers far from his locality, widening the outlook of his business with ordering experience made easy. 

In his words, “I can’t believe I have a portal of my own. All I have to do is to just log into the portal, check for designs that are ordered, create and deliver. So tailors might have difficulties in finding customers and cutting costs can manage well with Fitted. Perhaps, this is your problem, I will advise you to try fitted today”

Sikiru also mentioned that the Fitted App has provided workable solutions in challenges regarding profits and costs in logistics for registered tailors. 

“Fitted has really helped tailors. Especially in the case of money because that’s the whole idea. It’s all about how tailors can earn more. Fitted took all the stress for me, since then, I haven’t had anything to worry about logistics. It is a whole platform created to reduce stress completely – I am only required to sew and worry about nothing else”, he mentioned.

To listen to more of our chat with Sikiru Abaja , Kindly click on the Youtube link below

Are you a tailor or do you make custom attires? Register on our tailors’ app today. Let’s help you find the next best customer! To register, visit our website at www.tailors.fitted.ng or search for the “Fitted tailors” app on Playstore and download it to your device. As testified, Fitted’s ordering experience made easy!

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