Evolution of Tailoring: Online Measurement and its benefits

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One of the most fascinating things about the world is its pace of advancement. Ironically the only constant appears to be change, and while this occurs in everything from music and art to fashion and technology, the drivers behind the change can sometimes be equally fascinating. Think of fashion reaping the value of online measurement and its benefits – that’s innovation at its peak.

Take for example, innovations have increased due to evolving societal demands. One industry that’s on the forefront of constant adaptations to this is eCommerce. The pandemic further spotlighted the value of a digital ecosystem, refashioning the retail experience. This has driven consumers of all ages to change behavior radically, with new expectations of convenient and virtual interaction emerging in the post pandemic world. Through eCommerce accompanied with advanced digital tools, many industries have managed to scale at a faster pace, with the fashion industry benefiting the most. 

In the face of all the beneficial impact of digital technology pinpointed in the fashion industry, there are still loopholes in the form of problems to be solved – Access to specialized markets, platform for viable networks, cost of logistics and promotion to mention a few. The pandemic revealed many difficulties particularly in the area of measurement experienced by tailors who form the core of the fashion industry. Custom measurement isn’t a big deal in Western markets, but in emerging markets where up to 80% of people’s wardrobes could be bespoke, it’s a massive headache. And a good measurement is key, as it lays the foundation for wonderful fitting outfits and unwasted fabric. Without good measurements, you end up with bad fitting clothes, which is a complete waste of time and effort on the part of an empathetic tailor.

To further convince you, this article is where you’ll find four benefits on how online measurement can change the world of fashion:

Ease of service delivery

Tailors do not need to create measurement appointments that may or may not align with clients’ schedules. Once measurements are made online, that mentally stressful stage is eliminated. Not only is this great for health in a post-pandemic world, its also a relief for anyone with any hint of social anxiety (shoutout to our introverts). We’re all less likely to have a much easier service experience when it comes to getting measured with this level of convenience.

Customer Satisfaction

Quality fittings and a faster delivery time equals greater satisfaction. A tailor’s clients are provided with a comfortable option to provide measurement details at the comfort of their homes and have items delivered at their doorstep. It is a pretty sweet deal for clients with little time on their hands – They will keep coming for more. And it’s also a sweet deal for tailors – especially when they can save on time, effort and logistics of running around!

Saves Time and Cost

Online measurements means no more physical spaces or reception materials. The cost of overhead rentals can be reduced, and logistics expenditure from facilitating measurements can be eliminated. Kaching: less cost and more profit. In the area of marketing, the idea of online measurement is almost enough to keep the customers interested in your services – you’re so easy to get vital information across to!

Broaden Your Brand & Expand Your Business

By providing a platform for online measurement, tailors get to broaden the geography of who can order from them. This lets them even expand the nature and style of clothing items made, countries delivered to, and number of customers served. It’s the ideal way to take your brand from a traditional brick & mortar style to an innovative, well-loved one. It also stands as an easier way to take your business to the global arena. Any potential customer can send over measurements and have finished attire delivered via the eCommerce system.

In general, it’s typically pretty easy, low-cost and low-risk to adopt online measurement to a tailoring business. So long as you choose an online measurement platform wisely and have a great track-record. All you just need to do is register as a tailor on our website on www.tailors.fitted.ng and you are set to enjoy the benefits of online measurement. If you’re a customer looking to patronize the customer side to take your measurements, simply visit groups.fitted.ng. Kapish!

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