The new wave of stylish Nigerian religious leaders

Pastor Iren

In the Nigerian religious world today, pastors are really no one’s mate. Gone are the days where religious leaders were associated with being schmuck devoid of any dress sense. Previous desires to look humble before the Christian audience have evaporated. In fact, while they were looked up to, many upcoming young Christians begged to differ. They never longed to be in the shoes of these prestigious leaders. But the reverse of this is occurring today. Pastors are now style icons unto themselves, and can be seen in the best and latest of dressing styles. They do not only wear some of the best clothes money can buy, they also look impeccably clean. Here is a list of stylish Nigerian religious leaders topping the charts on the best of designers’ wears:

Pastor Chris Oyakilome

Back in the day, Pastor Chris always looked good regardless of the overrated imagery of humility amongst Christians. One can sport Pastor Chris with a permed hairs and blazers (talk about classiness). The dress sense of Pastors Chris remains so sharp he could be easily mistaken for a youth, among Nigerian pastors in their 50s. He styles his hair as a young man and looks gallant all the time. Pastor Chris is most uniquely known for his ability to combine colours. In fact, one can say he paved the way for young pastors to feel confident in dressing better.

Bishop Oyedepo

Founder and Lead Pastor of the Living Faith Church, Bishop Oyedepo also falls in the Pastor Chris’ fashion category. However, he didn’t catch up on the trend quick enough. The bishops has a knack for picking the right white-coloured style. In fashion, the white colour can seem very monotonous if worn too often. Surprisingly, Bishop Oyedepo seems to know how to spirit white styles into life. He does it such that there is a feel of uniqueness in the same colour. 

Chris Okafor

The next on our list is the Senior pastor and founder of Mountain Of Liberation and Miracle Ministry, Chris Okafor. Still in his 50s, Pastor Chris loves his suits and shoes. He even works real hard to make a great impression on his love for designers to his audience. One can never catch pastor Chris in the middle of a wardrobe malfunction, he kills it even on a normal day.

Emmanuel Iren

Known for his stylish flexibility is the Celebration church founder and senior pastor, Emmanuel Iren. Pastor Iren can skillfully switch from the corporate to casual look almost easily without a flaw. 

Paul Adefarasin

Pastor Adefarasin is as articulate and tailored in his words as he is in dressing. He is the senior pastor and founder of House On The Rock Church. The church is known as a a new generation church that has been making waves in and out of Nigeria. Annual music-themed program ‘The Experience’ held once every year is courtesy of the church’s popularity. He has great taste in both traditional and contemporary fashion and also seems to extend this great care in his bodily look. Pastor Paul is amongst the few pastors who have managed to age like wine despite the heavy demands of the pastoral ministry.

Please note that this is not to promote the pastors but to highlight a distinctive attribute they seem to exhibit well. That said, did we miss a better dressed pastor or top stylish Nigerian Religious Leaders on the list? Let us know in the comment section of this article. 

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