Kimono Kollection Joined Fitted Tailors’ platform

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We are excited to announce that a major fashion brand, Kimono Kollection joined Fitted Tailors’ platform last week. Kimono Kollection, a men’s clothing brand that offers high-end suits, tunics, caftans and accessories made this milestone move after recently celebrating that of Mai Atafo

Kimono Kollection was established by CEO, Hakeem Balogun, in a bid to provide bespoke Nigerian made men’s wear impressive enough to place local fashion on the global stage. The brand is known for its impeccable contemporary styles that includes blazers, suits, kaftans, Agbada,tunics, shoes, accessories and many more. Kimono has worked out the male fashion world suche that there is a uniqueness to presenting the typical Nigerian men without dissociating from modern demands.

They also make use of the best tailors in town and spice it up with their own little touch. Kimono Kollection has featured in various National and International Fashion events. Some of these include the Arise Fashion Week in Lagos.

CEO and Founder of Fitted Ibi Cookey, remarked that the registration of Kimono Kollection on the tailors platform has further reinforced the value extended to the Nigerian customized fashion industry. In his words, “ We have started blazing the trail for convenience, smartness and fluidity in the customized world and the registration of major brands have shown that we are not just about making promises but delivering on them. We are seeing a future where fashion brands are provided the right avenue to scale beyond understated horizons. It not just about getting the work done, we want to provide a value-added service, we want to help”

Are you a tailor or do you make custom attires? Register on our tailors’ app today. Let’s help you find the next best customer! To register, visit our website at or search for the “Fitted tailors” app on Playstore and download it to your device. You heard that – Kimono Kollection joined Fitted Tailors’ platform last week, you should too.

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