6 Fabrics great for a traditional wedding attire

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In a typical Nigerian traditional wedding, when it comes to wedding glamour and pomp, the fabric choice of attire reigns supreme. While there are many variations of fabrics to choose from, note that not all serve the same purpose. Some fabrics are better suited for structured design and semi-corporate looks, others are great for expressly cultural, light looks, and others for larger-than-life ceremonies. Before you jump into wedding shopping, Read on to learn more about 6 fabrics great for a traditional wedding attire and why they each make an excellent choice.


African George fabric remains popular for wedding attire in the Igbo community. It is a beautifully-embroidered fabric renowned for its softness and convenience and worn by both bride and groom.

Aso Oke 

Aso oke is a hand-woven fabric that originates from the Yoruba tribe of Western Nigeria and has been adopted in many African countries as a traditional outfit. Aso oke can be used in making Agbada styles for men, men’s cap known as the file.


tulle is a polyester and nylon blend and is mostly used by brides for wedding veils. However, as traditional wedding attire, it can be added as an accompaniment to other wedding materials – more a sewing accessory for men’s wear.


The lace material is good for the groom’s attire as it is for that of the bride. However, one has to be careful enough to select the right texture and pattern choice to highlight the masculinity of a male. The best choice, in this case, is the Swiss lace fabric for men cherished for its lightweight material, and intricate design.


A sequin is a disk-shaped bead used for decorative purposes. In earlier centuries, they were made from shiny metals. Today, sequins can be adopted for both men’s and women’s outfits. In a Nigerian traditional wedding, sequin is best for Jalamia to drive an expensive Northern look.


The velvet material comes in different categories. The commonly worn Isi egu is the patterned material originating from Eastern Nigeria and the plain velvet largely imported from the Arab countries – Turkey, Afghanistan, libya etc.

Currently, the velvet agbada is what is vogue on the Nigerian wedding fashion scene, and several men including celebrities, have jumped on this trend. Nevertheless, because of its effervescent appeal, there is no limit to the use of velvet.

There are hundreds of traditional materials, however, the above highlighted stood out for a typical Nigerian wedding. This does not imply you should limit your scope to just these 6 fabrics great for a traditional wedding attire. You can try a mix of other fabrics that will get you to stand out on your special day. Fitted has also provided a platform to enable our users to order any material of choice. Feel free to reach out to us today!

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