The legend that was Nigerian secondary school myths

Blog Ish

This spooky season has me thinking of the last time I was genuinely spooked! Smart technology has definitely reduced the impact of tales that made a holiday like Halloween so impactful in the first place!

I’m here to refresh our memories! If you’re reading this and you schooled in Nigeria for your primary and secondary education, it’s time to mark registry! If you didn’t then share this with anyone you know who did and let’s see how many of these myths they can relate with!

Madam Koin Koin – Even just typing that name has given me shivers. This legend was the stuff of nightmares and I’m sorry if you haven’t heard of her because you won’t be getting an explanation from me! There’s certain traumas that should never be relived. Good news though, Netflix is actually producing a movie about it so you can relive that nightmare on your own volition, See here… 

Bush baby – First of all, we really went through it that period because tell me why we couldn’t hear a baby cry at night without being terrified! This one was legendary because everyone had their own take on it. Some people even said if you took the bush babies bag you would be wealthy but say goodbye to sleep because it would cry at your window every night.

Mami water – Now this is definitely the most popular one, it’s been sang about and we’ve even adapted it to describe very fine girls. This is why I say the digital age has dimmed the spook. Then! Mami water was a serious legend! People feared to go too close to the water. A real seductress was her tale and the cause of many men lured to their doom!

Which one did you resonate with the most?! Well maybe you can add any of these to your Halloween costume collection, we would definitely be remaking the mami water costume along with other Nigerian inspired Halloween costumes.

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