How to get the most out of your wedding photo shoot!

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If you’ve been following our blogs, you know we’re enthusiasts on getting value for money! We previously spoke about how expensive the components of weddings can be in our weddings & love blog
The wedding photo shoot is exactly one of those components and we’ve come up with a list to maximise its uses!

  1. Your outfit selection– we know what you’re thinking, of course a fashion brand is going to start with clothing for their agenda. Now do we have an agenda? yes we do, but outfit choices are crucial in expressing your style. This sets the tone for the theme of wedding you want ahead. As for our agenda, we do have packages to save you cost on these outfits and you can enquire here
  1. Following / Creating your wedding theme – we mentioned above that a theme helps bring your individuality as a couple to life! It makes your special day even more magical and the photos you take for the wedding should emulate that. Both in the context of the photo and the way they’re shot.
  2. The right photographer – this is of course the most important person in this equation outside of the couple because you need someone who can understand your vision and accurately bring it to life! It’s crucial to choose quality over quantity in this case because photos are timeless and you want to be reliving these memories for many years and generations to come.
  3. Photo usage: now this is crucial in maximizing because you can reduce decor cost by increasing the backdrops you have of your wedding shoots rather than other fillers. You can also use these for table decorations and souvenirs. Work with an event planner who will think outside of the box on this! You want these pictures to be marveled upon by as many people as possible.
    Most importantly outside all these just have fun and be present! Treat this as an event of its own and a date with your spouse to be. Be silly! Be yourself! Enjoy the love between you and cherish the moments!

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