Payday Sales, Capitalism & Weekend Rocks

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Capitalism thrives on consumerism! That’s why we have such a thing as pay day week, so businesses know when best to target your bank account!

There are literally tons of studies informing on buyer behavior around payday and business trainings put out to teach business how best to position. It’s truly crazy, I must admit, but;

If you can’t beat them join them!

Fortunately, this is not an article to lecture you into not buying things that make you happy! Instead we’re here to give you strategic advice so you get the most out of your money!

The key is to plan! Plan your week, your month maybe even your year if you like long term thinking and that way you have in mind what purchases will benefit you at each point.

We’re also here to give you the best outfits to wear on a budget this month. We know you’ll be out for several dates, brunches, beach rocks, I even got invited for a games night already. Treat yourself to a new outfit from us without breaking your budget :wink:

Our aim is to give you the best outfits that have you exclaiming; ‘best money I ever spent’

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