Holiday fashion must haves!

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It’s that time of the year again! Christmas trees have sprung up, flight tickets have been bought. Everyone has started mentally clocking out of work (don’t worry we won’t tell your bosses).

It’s a festive period and that can only mean one thing: shopping!!

This is the time every one and their mamas are dropping new fashion lines and products and it truly can be a lot to take in!

So we’ve decided to be your fashion guides and equip you with just 5 key fashion items to add to your wardrobe this Christmas. You’re welcome 😉

Statement Velvet Pieces:
The luxurious touch of velvet is synonymous with holiday glamour. You can include velvet fabric in your dresses, blazers, or even a pair of pants. The rich texture and vibrant colors make it a timeless holiday choice.

Sequin Everything:
Christmas season is the perfect excuse to give in to the allure of sequins. Whether it’s a sequined dress, a sparkly top, or even sequined trousers, let your outfit reflect the joy and excitement of the festivities. Show up looking like someone’s Christmas present everyday!

Metallic looking fabrics:
Speaking of Christmas presents! Nothing says wrap me up and take me home like metallic dresses. Sorry fellas this one is for the ladies. Although if you want to be truly bold you can add a touch of these to your blazers to stand out.

Festive Jumpsuit:
Jumpsuits have a place in my wardrobe every time of the year! Especially during Christmas, they give you that cozy and comfortable feel while still looking so stylish! We have amazing coveralls on our website for men too!

Adire Print Clothing:
The unique tie-dye patterns of Adire add a contemporary yet culturally rich element to your wardrobe. It spans through all the social groups of Nigerians and definitely embodies the holiday spirit!

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